Tips For Handling Semi-Truck Tire Repairs

16 March 2021
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Your semi-truck's tires are pretty rugged as they have to be able to stand up to the abuse they're put through each day. That said, issues are still going to happen that you want to handle with certain repairs. You won't struggle with this aspect of semi-truck maintenance if you're smart about certain things.

Keep an Inspection Log 

Tire problems need to be addressed right away because of how important they are for helping you navigate a large commercial rig safely. Staying on top of problems won't be overwhelming if you just keep an inspection log.

Every day before you get inside the rig and take off, you can make a note of the tires' condition and air inflation. Troubling signs can be written down so that you know not to forget them. Rather, you can get an appropriate repair going before heading back on the road. 

Only Repair Punctures a Certain Number of Times

Punctures are pretty common for tires on a semi-truck. You may have driven around some rough road conditions that caused debris to puncture one of your tires. If the damage isn't too bad, you should have no problem having the puncture repaired.

However, just make sure you only repair punctures a certain number of times. If you perform this repair too many times, the overall condition of your tire could be compromised, and then it's more likely to experience a blowout. That would be problematic for such a big vehicle moving a ton of weight. Tire technicians can give you a better idea of how many times punctures can be fixed based on the tires on your rig.

Address Wheel Damage, Too

The tires on your rig are more vulnerable to problems compared to the wheels they're on, but you still want to assess wheels carefully just in case damage is present. A damaged wheel will prevent your rig's tries from lasting as long as they're supposed to.

So, while you thoroughly examine each tire on your rig, look at the wheel to see if there are any potential problems. A couple of things can happen, such as rust and missing sections. Stay on top of these issues so that your tire quality isn't sacrificed.

You can drive a rig safely on a consistent basis by handling tire repairs a certain way. Being responsive, inspecting regularly, and knowing what to repair are just a couple of steps that will help.

Contact a local semi-truck tire repair shop to learn more.