Three Solid Reasons to Get Four New Tires

3 August 2021
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Vehicle safety should be a priority for anyone with a car or truck. One of the most important parts of a vehicle is the tires. Any driver who neglects tire maintenance, repair, and replacement could be at risk of a tire blowout or some other issue that could be dangerous. If your tires are looking worn down, and if you haven't properly maintained them, you may want to consider going to a tire store for new tires. While some people may only want to change out one or two tires at a time, there are a few solid reasons to get four new tires when purchasing tires for your vehicle.

Uneven Wear and Tear

Tires are naturally going to wear and tear as time goes on. It doesn't matter if you rotate them regularly, they may wear down unevenly. Quite often, front tires wear out unevenly if not rotated in time. Balance issues in your vehicle could make your tires seem uneven. This is why many tire companies recommend getting a brand new set of tires if you are ready to replace any tires at all. Buying one new tire to go with three older tires may affect the car's balance and how the other tires' tread wears. For the best balance possible, four new tires are a good idea to get.

Better Deals Available

While it's not always the case, you can usually find a better deal on the price of tires if you buy four at a time instead of only one or two. It's common to see discounted pricing on tire sets, which may end up saving you a couple of dollars on your tires. When all tires are replaced from the same location, you may also be able to save on some maintenance costs. This is because discounts are often offered on rotations to customers who buy their tire sets from a tire dealer. This can help you stay up to date on maintenance services while also saving money on rotations and possibly minor flat repairs offered by the tire dealer.

Warranties May Be an Option

Warranties are often offered with the purchase of a set of four tires. If you purchase one tire, it may not be worth the cost to get any insurance on the tire. More than likely, it won't have a warranty. Because a new set of tires can be rotated on a regular schedule and maintained together, there are more warranty options. Warranties often cover replacement costs of any tires that wear unusually fast. This can be monitored when you bring in your vehicle for regularly scheduled rotations. If there is uneven wear and tear, or if your tires don't last for typical mileage designated for a specific tire set, you may be able to get your tires replaced for free.

Ultimately, it's much easier to manage your tires when they are purchased as a set at the same time. You can set up your rotation schedule with the tire shop, and you can have a greater assurance that the tread will wear more evenly with time. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for new tires.